Mrs. Shreeju Thomas M.A., B.Ed


“Your mind is an immense source of energy, you just need to channel it into a positive direction”

“The school must be a centre of good and joyous influences, radiating from the neighbourhood. Academics and sports must all be tuned to the building of character, to the making of a good citizen, a lover of his country. Every individual school has its own philosophy and ethics to achieve this end. What makes a school different from the other, solely depends on how well the school is able to bring to life its philosophy and ethics.

“The basic education should be to impart the value of human life and the ways and means by which modern science could improve our living and not be a threat to human dwelling. We firmly believe that education is not a mere preparation for life, but life itself. Accordingly it will be our endeavour to provide a stimulating, congenial, conducive school atmosphere. That is why it is called “Happy School” at Guardian. This enables the child “To live, to love, to learn and to imbibe a legacy”.

“Education is a life long process nourished by experience. Education neither begins nor ends in school. For a child’s proper development, the basic need is a proper atmosphere to live in. When the living condition is ideal, the next requirement for a child is love. A place where there is care, love also prevails. When the two basic needs are fulfilled, the child begins to learn. Our ultimate aim is to make students grow with knowledge of love, care and peace to make this world a happier and safer place to live in.

“To conclude, “Love to Learn ” is the basic principle at Guardian. Active learning inculcates curiosity in every child. This curiosity initiates happy learning. Guardian Family works towards creating inspiring young minds for the future generation.

Happy Learning!!!