The school has a high quality, scientifically designed curriculum that caters to the needs of the 21st century learner. The aim of this curriculum is to develop knowledgeable, active, lifelong learners. The curriculum has been designed to serve specific milestones for the growing years of the student. Each milestone celebrates the progress of the student as a learner. Assessments and evaluation tools with an effective grading system ensures that the scholastic requirements at each level are met with and prior learning is in consensus with the future learning of the learner. The school does not put pressure of examinations on the young minds. Day to day progress is the criteria for assessing the performance of the child. The school offers Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and feedback is provided regularly to the parents. Use of interactive teaching tools in classrooms help in better understanding and retention of concepts. Projects, presentations, Olympiads, ASSET, NTSE and other competitive exams form part of the learning network of the learner’s profile. The ongoing assessment is documented in the portfolio and is the most positive, dynamic form of evaluation used in education today. This method of evaluation celebrates and documents what the learner can do. The tutor and the learner become a collaborative team in the evaluation process. Together they explore, document and reflect on the progress made. The learner’s ownership of the process is highly valued.